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Program Management

Program Management Services to help you obtain your objectives

Stress Engineering and Construction engages with many industrial manufacturing customers and projects providing robust Program Management services. Our Program Management services are focused on Capital Project and Turnaround Project investments for the management and control of Event Life Cycles utilizing a Stage Gated Phase Management approach. These services are offered at the Financial and/or Project levels, and/or through Seconded Management options.

Inclusive within our Program Management service line:

  • Financial Management
    • Investment Valuation
    • Investment Optimization
    • Investment Control
  • Event Management
    • Engineering Cycles
    • Project Construction
    • Turnarounds
    • Special Classified Events
    • Readiness Review Assessments
    • Process Management
  • Process Safety Management
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Preventive Optimization
    • Process Standardization
    • Behavioral Based Principals
    • HSE Management and Training
  • Project Controls Management
    • Estimating
    • Cost Control
    • Planning & Scheduling
    • Performance Reporting
  • Procurement Management
    • Bid Cycles
    • Agent Services
    • Turnkey Delivery
    • Expediting
    • Supply Chain Management (Vendor and Sub-contract)
  • Quality Assurance
    • Risk Based Inspections (RBI) Management
    • Reliability and Preventive Maintenance Management
    • Vendor Inspections
    • Risk Management Controls
    • Work Process Optimizations