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Process Engineering

Rev It Up Safely – Improving Your Facility’s Performance

Plant management, operations, and maintenance personnel have three main concerns achieving operational excellence for their facilities:

  1. Reliability – uptime with no unplanned outages that interrupt the income stream of the facility
  2. Efficiency – yield and efficient use of fuel and other utilities are large factors in the profitability of the plant
  3. Velocity or throughput – Increasing capacity even marginally with the same assets is a large contribution to plant profitability

Above all though, Safety is Paramount. No one can afford a major high consequence event or incident.

Stress Engineering Services is the expert in Reliability. We are the “go to” folks when there is an equipment issue. We have significant strengths in inspection and Acoustic Emission Testing, welding and repair, pressure vessel, piping and pipeline, fitness for service, corrosion and metallurgy, field measurements, vibrations, plant operations and industry issues such as creep and high temperature materials performance, low temperature auto refrigeration, and High Temperature Hydrogen Attack. We have also developed significant skills in process development and optimization, process simulation, process flow modeling including flow/thermal analysis, process control, and process safety.  These chemical engineering skills enable us to tackle much broader and deeper plant problems.

Our staff has significant experience in delivering Reliability, Efficiency, and Velocity improvements. Our team includes chemical, mechanical, instrumentation, inspection, and metallurgical engineers, many with advanced degrees. Our chemical engineers are experts in Aspen and other simulation programs, process flow diagram development, process hazard analysis utilizing multiple techniques, PSM studies and audits, and other safety studies and root cause failure analyses.